Cattle grazing to Federal Court

THE State Government continues to seek ways to honour its election commitment to the Mountain Cattlemen’s Association to reintroduce cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park.

It has asked the Federal Court to review a recent decision by the Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke on its research trial into the use of strategic cattle grazing as a bushfire risk mitigation and fuel reduction tool in Victoria’s High Country.

State Environment Minister Ryan Smith said Mr Burke had not clearly outlined how he had come to the conclusion that the trial was “clearly unacceptable”.

“We have carefully considered our options and have sought advice from the Victorian Solicitor General,” he said.

“We have now decided to ask the Federal Court to review the decision-making process.

“We will be asking the Federal Court to examine the decision to ensure that the Commonwealth Minister has not and cannot inappropriately use Commonwealth legislation to prevent State governments from implementing their policy commitments.

“We have a responsibility to ensure our response to bushfires in Victoria considers all options, including the potential benefit of strategic cattle grazing.”