Lucky escape

AN Alberton West woman had a lucky escape on Saturday afternoon, walking away with no injuries after losing control of her vehicle and colliding with an embankment before the vehicle came to rest on its roof.

The accident happened on the Hyland Highway near the intersection of Carrajung Lower Rd, with police and CFA attending the scene.

Police have thanked passers-by who stopped to assist and appeal to people to use common sense and drive to the conditions.

They also urge motorists to start preparing their vehicles for winter with appropriate tyres and headlights.

WITH Easter approaching, Yarram police are warning motorists of an operation on a scale not yet seen in the area.

It will target alcohol and drug impaired driving, speed, unroadworthy vehicles (including trailers), and public order offences around licensed venues.

With members from as far as Orbost Highway Patrol and the State Highway Patrol assisting, the police presence in and around the town and district will be large.

Yarram Police warn that a zero tolerance approach is being adopted and alcohol fuelled violence and stupidity is high on the list of priorities.

YARRAM police are generally pleased with the drop in the number of penalty notices being issued for speeding.

After a focus on the Hyland Highway between Yarram and Won Wron, members have noticed a remarkable decrease in the average speed of vehicles travelling on this stretch of road.

According to police, the vast majority of people receiving infringement notices are people from out of town as opposed to three months ago where it was the reverse and the locals were the culprits.

They say a drop in speeds around school zones has also been noticed and general behaviour of drivers in the town is pleasing.

Yarram police are also maintaining a focus on mobile phones, seatbelts and hoon driving, warning they will be adopting a zero tolerance approach.