Fire danger period coming to an end

THE fire danger period will finish across Gippsland on Monday morning.

Fire danger periods are based on local conditions and take into account fuel moistures, fuel loads, grassland curing, weather and rainfall. They are a seasonal declaration.

Although the CFA places only limited restrictions on the lighting of fires in the open air outside of the fire danger period, lighting of fires may be fully or partly restricted under legislation and by-laws administered by municipalities and Department of Sustainability and Environment. A person who lights a fire in dangerous weather or fuel conditions or lights a fire that damages another person’s property whether intentionally or not is guilty of a serious crime.

Although the fire danger period is ending, it is important the community takes extreme care when burning off. If a fire is left unattended in windy conditions it can spread quickly and can burn into bushland or onto neighbours’ properties.

CFA chief officer Euan Ferguson said although there had been wet conditions and flooding in Victoria, the recent grassfires demonstrated how quickly fires could take hold.

“Grassfires travel faster than you can run. They can threaten properties and even kill,” he said.

“People should have a fire plan and prepare for the event of fire – never be complacent.”