Final couples announced

SALE Rotary president Daniel Smolenaars is used to working on community projects so it was only time before he was signed up for Dancing with Our Stars.

Keeping fit with the Wellington Warriors and managing Laser Plumbing, Daniel is hoping that his ability to coordinate his busy lifestyle will translate into coordination on the dance floor.

Partnered with WorkHire Australia manager, Jodie Willis, this couple is used to speaking in front of groups ranging from students to politicians.

But will this experience help them when they walk out in front of a crowd of more than 1000 people?

Having been part of the organising team last year, Jodie is looking forward to the opportunity to train with two of Australia’s top dancesport coaches, Christopher Ryan and Andrew Howlett.

Having grown up in Briagolong, Andrew has returned specifically for the event and is looking forward to challenging this year’s competitors.

With all couples having now begun training, the competitiveness is starting to show with the dancers upping the ante with the choreography to try and earn additional points from the judges.

Personal trainers, Jake Bowden from ITrain and Ashlea Martin from Krystal’s Personal Training have also partnered and are looking forward to challenging the other competitors, many of whom they train.

With the public having the ability to vote for the dancers before the event, there is no doubt that the trainers will be using the opportunity to negotiate push ups against votes with their clients.

Being the fittest couple of the competition and picking up their choreography with relative ease, this couple could be the ones to beat on the night.

With this year’s dancers including builders, beauticians, meteorologists and business owners, ticket holders can expect to see dances as different as the people dancing them, and, with the team of trainers behind them, the entertainment factor will be high.

Tickets to Dancing With Our Stars will go on sale in mid April.