Students get the full story from author

STUDENTS at Wurruk Primary School got a chance to learn about writing from childrens’ author Corinne Fenton last week.

Ms Fenton, the author of books such as The Dog on the Tuckerbox, Queenie and Flame Stands Waiting was at the school as part of the Storybook Challenge, which aims to encourage more shared reading in local classrooms while providing local schools with resources.

The Storybook Challenge gives schools the chance to share in books valued at $1000 for their libraries and reading mats for their classrooms by sharing what they love about the local area.

To take part in the challenge, students have to write a short story about their local community.

Ms Fenton shared some tips for writing, including how a trip to Sale when she was younger was the inspiration for her school reader book, The Creaky House Club.

She encouraged students to read as much as they could, as she believed getting children to enjoy reading was crucial.

“I think, if even just one child took away from this session that they could read more and that they could have a go at writing, well, that’s really special,” she said after her presentation.

“That’s why I love writing picture books so much, because they help to attract even non-readers.

“It’s just so important for everyone to keep promoting reading at every level and at every opportunity.”