Planning application sparks parking chaos fears

RESIDENTS of east Sale’s quiet residential area are up in arms.

A planning application to establish an osteopathic clinic at 47 Patten St, at the corner of Indra Court, has sparked fears of parking chaos in the quiet residential streets.

The planning application, notice of which was delivered to the letter boxes of neighbouring properties and displayed at 47 Patten St, Sale, is for use and development of the land for a two practitioner medical centre.

At time of printing the Gippsland Times was informed 40 residents were lodging an objection to the application.

The residents point to what they see as chaos in Inglis St, Sale since the establishment of a medical clinic there.

While that clinic provides off street parking, as required in its planning permit, many patients still park on Inglis St and in surrounding residential courts.

In their objection to the planning application the residents point out the written advice they had received was that the planning application lodged by Beveridge Williams on behalf of East Gippsland Osteopathic Clinic, stated two osteopaths would be working from the clinic.

However the objectors note that in advertisements in the Gippsland Times in February a third partner had been added to the practice and in professional on-line publications the clinic has been seeking other practitioners for their growing business.

The current application indicates parking for seven vehicles, including two in the garage, and one space for disabled parking on the premises. The objectors claim the State planning laws require five off street parking spaces for each practitioner and argue at least 15 spaces should be provided, if as they fear, there are three practitioners.

Two of the objectors, Dianne and Martin Ward, pointed out the entrance to 47 Patten St is off Indra Court, affording a narrow approach.

“Most people simply won’t take their car through the gate because of limited turning space, so where do you think their clients will end up parking? That’s right in our streets,” Mr Ward said.

Chris Curnow from Beveridge Williams indicated that in accordance with the application only two practitioners would work from the clinic at any one time. Wellington Shire Council was also approached for comment and for clarification of the planning process but did not respond.