Council seeks crucial timber roads funds

WELLINGTON Shire Council will ask the State Government to resume providing funds for roads used by the timber industry.

Over the past five years council received more than $2.6 million in funding, but no funding has been allocated for this financial year.

Council is asking locals to write to local State Members of Parliament to ensure the funding continues.

For the Timber Towns Victoria-commissioned Timber Impacted Roads Evaluation Study, six Gippsland councils nominated 135 infrastructure projects, costing more than $33 million in total.

Four projects in Wellington were listed in the top five highest priority:

Yarram-Morwell Rd, with an expected haul task of 1.352 million tonnes between 2011 and 2015. Proposed works, to cost $249,480, include re-sealing;

Willung Rd (870,000 tonnes), works include resealing, costing $317,520;

Grand Ridge Rd (751,000 tonnes), works include road re-construction, costing $500,000; and

Jack River Valley Rd (256,000), works include reconstruction, costing $150,000.

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