Planning application sparks parking fears

PATTEN St and Indra Court residents have objected to a planning application to establish and osteopathic clinic at 47 Patten St, Sale.

Wellington Shire Council responded to questions from the Gippsland Times seeking clarification of the planning process after the paper went to print on Monday.

Council acknowledged an application had been received for the establishment of an osteopathy clinic with two practitioners to operate out of 47 Patten St, Sale.

Council said it was now its responsibility to assess that planning application on its merits, with the decision to be based on whether the application complies with the Wellington Planning Scheme policies and planning controls.

General manager development Paul Holton said the planning scheme provided applicants with some certainty that if they devised their plans in such a way that they complied with the scheme, they would be granted the necessary permits to proceed.

The planning scheme and the policies contained within layout specific provisions that the applicant must meet such as car parking; impact on the amenity of the area; and whether an osteopath clinic is deemed a “compatible land use” in a residential zone.

“The planning scheme has been developed over time to be a direct reflection of what the community broadly believe is fair and reasonable,” Mr Holton said.

Residents with concerns about the proposal have the opportunity to lodge an objection with council, which will be considered prior to any decision being made.

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