Changes to today’s fuel reduction burns

THE Department of Sustainability and Environment and Parks Victoria have advised of changes to today’s planned burns.

Fire crews are now igniting two additional burns this afternoon at Holey Plains State Park and another at Won Wron.

Due to weather conditions, burns planned for the Alberton West area will not be ignited today.

Burns will be carried out in the following areas today:

• Tellings Track: a 517 hectare fuel reduction burn, six kilometres north of Woodside.

• South Gippsland Highway: 461 hectare fuel reduction burn, 10km north east of Woodside.

• Longford 46B: a 17 hectare fuel reduction burn, 15km south-west of Sale at Holey Plains State Park.

• Willung, Goanna: a 566 hectare fuel reduction burn, 7.5km south-west of Rosedale at Holey Plains State Park.

• Bowden Rd, Won Wron: a 57 hectare fuel reduction burn, 14 km north north east of Yarram.

Smoke will be visible from surrounding areas including Woodside, Yarram, Rosedale, Willung, Gormandale, Flynns Creek, Tarra Valley, and surrounding areas.