Sale’s rubbish disposal proves too expensive

SALE’S waste and rubbish transfer station on Lacey St, looks likely to close on September 1, this year.

Closure of the Sale waste transfer station was indicated in Wellington Shire Council’s waste management services contract 2008/155, and funds for decommissioning or upgrade are foreshadowed in its 2013/14 budget.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting councillors voted to accept the council’s briefing committee recommendation that a council officer present a report to enable council to consider closure of the Sale facility.

The briefing committee believes the Sale community is well served by the resource recovery facility at Kilmany, 12 kilometres away.

If the Sale Transfer Station was to remain open, it would require a significant upgrade to meet current best practice guidelines and occupational health and safety standards.

The 30-year-old facility has operational constraints including litter and amenity in the surrounding urban area and sporting precinct.

Usage data shows that Sale Transfer Station only services domestic self-haul from Sale and has a current annual operating cost of $207,000 for 256 tonnes of waste.

The actual cost per tonne for processing the waste at Sale is $808 per tonne compared with only $26 per tonne at Kilmany (based on contract payments).

Kilmany also has significant additional capacity to sort waste and provides opportunity for more efficient waste diversion from landfill.