Gippsland Lakes fish algal warning lifted

THE Department of Health has lifted the advisory warning people not to eat whole fish caught in the Gippsland Lakes system.

Test results show that the toxins in whole (finned) fish caused by the recent blue-green algal bloom in the Lakes have declined to levels that will no longer affect human health.

The levels of toxins in mussels remain high enough to warn people not to eat any shellfish collected from the Gippsland Lakes.

The advisory signs in place around the Lakes have been amended to reflect the updated information.

Monitoring of toxin levels in mussels will continue and the public will be informed as soon as the levels will no longer affect human health.

Monitoring of algae types and levels in the Gippsland Lakes will continue on a regular basis and the public will be informed of any significant changes.

Information about blue-green algae is available on the DSE website and from DSE’s customer service centre on 136 186.