Dutson burns increase mouse habitat

SMOKE over Dutson today will bring life to the Wellington Mint Bush and increase the habitat of the New Holland Mouse.

Department of Sustainability and Environment and Parks Victoria will conduct two ecological burns to regenerate growth of native species on 400 hectares of Gippsland Water’s Dutson Downs property.

A third fire will be ignited on Gippsland Water’s property at the corner of Longford and Golden Beach Rd.

The benefits of controlled burns to regenerate native bushland and habitats of threatened species have been very evident this year after controlled burning was commenced last year in a bushland area on the Dutson Down property.

Gippsland Water managing director David Mawer said DSE and Parks Victoria will be testing ground conditions (moisture/temp/wind) from early morning and will ignite when conditions are appropriate.

The burns are being carried out as part of the DSE planned burns program and all appropriate control measures are in place to ensure containment.

“This bushland areas is home to a number of threatened species and Gippsland Water is committed to its role of stewardship of the bushland, regeneration burns are an important aspect of managing the natural environment,” Mr Mawer said.