Australia Post marks a special anniversary

AUSTRALIA Post has released a temporary pictorial postmark to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sale.

Bishop Christopher Prowse said the postmark had been suggested by keen philatelist, Father Michael Kalka.

“Father Michael Kalka, the parish priest at Kew, put us on to this,” he said.

“He is a post mark and stamp collector and requested this postmark to be made.”

Bishop Prowse said the postmark was just part of the 125th anniversary celebrations, following a successful jubilee ball last week.

“One hundred and twenty-five years ago the diocese was cut off from Melbourne, and a Bishop was appointed the same year,” he said.

Australia Post Sale branch postal manager Tina Notarianni said the postmark, released today, was provided free of charge.

“People can request the post mark on their mail for certain items and I send it off to them,” she said.

It will be available until December.