Coastal rules wound back

PLANNING regulations that have previously stymied development in coastal towns will be wound back under new State Government guidelines.

Eastern Victoria MLC Philip Davis said the new Coastal Climate Change Advisory Committee Report, released this week, would allow appropriate development to continue with certainty, allowing growth in Victoria’s seaside towns.

“The Gippsland coast has borne the brunt of the previous Labor Government’s coastal planning paralysis with moratoriums and extreme controls which locked towns out of being able to grow sensibly,” Mr Davis said.

“There are many projects in local seaside towns that have been on hold because of unrealistic regulations based on climate-change predictions as far forward as the year 2100.

“This report will clear up much of the uncertainty associated with coastal planning across regional Victoria and reinstitute coastal planning policy that is based on common sense.”

Mr Davis urged communities and councils to familiarise themselves with the report’s recommendations before state planning policy changes later this month.