Emergency flood assistance grants are now available

Deputy Premier and Minister for Emergency Services Peter Ryan has activated emergency reestablishment payments to help families affected by the Gippsland storms and flooding.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to ensuring those genuinely in need receive support to help them resume a normal life as quickly as possible,” Mr Ryan said.

“As Minister for Emergency Services, I have activated emergency re-establishment assistance to help eligible Victorians with the costs of re-establishing their homes where other measures, such as insurance, aren’t available or are insufficient.”

Mr Ryan said under the Coalition Government’s Personal Hardship Assistance Program, eligible householders who incurred costs because their homes were uninhabitable could apply for emergency relief assistance.

“Relief assistance provides payments of up to $480 per adult and $240 per child up to a maximum of $1200 per household to cover emergency shelter, food, clothing, or personal items,” Mr Ryan said.

“In addition to that immediate support, I have approved the activation of emergency reestablishment assistance to eligible Victorians in extreme hardship whose homes are uninhabitable, whose insurance will not be sufficient to make their homes habitable again, and who meet an established income test.

“This provides up to $30,000 per household for clean-up, emergency accommodation, repairs, rebuilding and replacing some damaged contents,” Mr Ryan said.

Mr Ryan said officers from the Department of Human Services would assess each case individually.

“This assistance is designed to help Victorians in genuine need to re-establish their homes sooner. It’s not a replacement for insurance, which will always provide a greater level of cover, so it’s crucial people contact their insurance providers first,” Mr Ryan said.

Victorians seeking emergency support, including advice about possible financial assistance, should contact the local council. Information about the Personal Hardship Assistance Program is available at www.dhs.vic.gov.au/emergency