Gippsland rattled by earthquake

A MAGNITUDE 5.3 earthquake, the largest in Victoria for more than a century, rattled Gippsland last night.

The epicentre of the quake, which struck at 8.53pm, was 10 kilometres south-west of Moe, 9.9km underground.

The tremour was felt 228km away, past Orbost and Ballarate, from the epicentre.

About 60 aftershocks struck in the area around the initial earthquake, with more expected over the coming weeks.

The State Emergency Service received around 30 calls for help, mainly in Gippsland, with a chimney collapse in Moe, a collapsed garage and some cracked walls. There have been no reports of injury.

Their have been more reports this morning of limited damage, but the SES has urged people in the affected areas still needed to ensure their properties were safe.

Residents and business owners should check their properties for hazards or damage, including cracks and damage to rooves, walls and chimneys.

If damage is observed residents should use qualified tradespersons to inspect and repair their property.

Residents and business owners should only call 132 500 if they require emergency assistance.

Checks on major infrastructure in the region will continue this morning but at this stage limited impacts being reported.