Hunting rifle seized

POLICE seized a hunting rifle from a teenager who was caught illegally spotlighting north of Maffra recently.

Police reported the 18-year-old local was caught on June 7 driving along Moroka Rd at Valencia Creek with a rifle and a high-powered spotlight in his car.

Police allege he was illegally spotlighting deer, and suspended his shooter’s licence. He was charged on summons with firearms offences and will appear before court at a later date.

YARRAM’S Regent Theatre was targeted by vandals last Friday night when graffiti was sprayed over the main window and across the road surface.

Yarram police investigated on Saturday and the culprit, a woman in her 20s, was identified on CCTV and made to clean it off Saturday night. She also faces a financial penalty. Police are also questioning a youth in relation to the offences.