Night closures to cease

NIGHT closures along the South Gippsland Highway between Sale and Longford will cease for the next two to three weeks.

Because of recent heavy rainfalls and flooding, the remaining bridge beam works that required the night closures cannot be carried out.

The site remains flooded in many locations and the crane carrying out the bridge beam lift works cannot be moved onto a stable surface to complete the next phase of bridgeworks.

Other bridge building activities will continue in coming weeks, but are not expected to impact on traffic flow through the area, other than occasional lane closures in some locations.

The road surface through the project site has also suffered from the inundation, so VicRoads is urging drivers to take care and obey any temporary traffic conditions in place such as speed limit reductions.

VicRoads said it would notify the community in advance of the night closures restarting, once water levels had sufficiently dropped at the project site and works could be carried out safely.

Once works began again, only a week of night closures were expected to finish placing the bridge beams.