Tourist’s bike found in Lake Wellington

THE bike and backpack belonging to American tourist Ken Harinishi have been found in Lake Wellington.

A woman walking her dog around Lake Wellington last Wednesday found Mr Harinishi’s backpack, which contained his passport, floating in the water.

On Friday a fisherman had found the bike floating in the lake. The camping mat strapped to the front bike rake kept the bike near the surface of the water.

Mr Harinishi said the thieves had left very few things in the panniers.

“I need to go for a walk around the lake. Too bad I can’t snorkel in murky water,” Mr Harinishi said.

“The bike’s condition is very good, so some grease and a new chain should be all it needs. In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the best of Sale with many a new friends.”

The bike was taken on June 16 from outside the Star Hotel. At 10.56pm that night, security vision shows a man dragging the locked bike into an alley way where it was loaded into a white dual cab ute.

The man was wearing a red plaid shirt with a small pattern of squares, a grey hoodie and white shoes.

Anyone with information about the theft can phone Sale Police on 5143 5000.