Wellington Shire Council vote count in Bairnsdale

VOTE counting for this year’s Wellington Shire Council election will again be held in Bairnsdale.

Council this week confirmed the computer count would be conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission at the same venue as the count for the East Gippsland council vote.

If Wellington council wanted to have a computer counting venue in this shire there would be an additional cost on council and the need for a venue to house about 25 computers. All ballot papers would have to go to the VEC Bairnsdale office before being returned to an office in Wellington after the close of voting.

Only the counting will be conducted in Bairnsdale, with scrutineers able to attend. The declaration of the poll will occur within Wellington Shire.

The VEC will operate a “satellite centre” at the Port of Sale Civic Centre from the nomination period to the close of voting.

Councillor Leo O’Brien suggested council looked at advocating to the VEC having a future count in Wellington.

“I’m aware that the last two elections have been counted in Bairnsdale, and I think it would be good for the next election to maybe look at having it in our own shire,” he said.

The vote, conducted by post, will close at the end of October.

A community and candidate information session will be held on Friday, July 13 between noon and 1.30pm at the Port of Sale Civic Centre.

Representatives from the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Electoral Commission will speak about the role and purpose of local government, the roles and responsibilities of councillors and the electoral process.