Let the good times roll

SALE City Rollers met for the first time last week, officially heralding the arrival of roller derby to Sale.

Skaters of all skill levels took to the courts at Gippsland Regional Sporting Complex and went through basic drills, bolstering their confidence as well as offering lots of laughs and fun for the skaters.

First time skater Leonie Roberts said while she was nervous to begin with, she was having a ball learning how to skate.

“I’ve never skated in my life,” she said.

“I’ve wanted to have a go my whole life, so I thought I’d better conquer my fears and have a go, because life is just too short.”

Sale City Rollers have a page on Facebook where members are kept up to date with meetings.

To get in touch, look up www.facebook.com/SaleCityRollers.

Sale City Rollers meet at the sporting complex from 6.30 to 8pm on Thursday nights, and 4pm to 6pm on Saturdays.