Dutson shows off to Chinese

GIPPSLAND Water showed off its Soils and Organic Recycling Facility at Dutson Downs to a visitor from China recently.

Hunan Province Environmental Protection Bureau divisional director Lynn Peng visited the facility to learn more about how Gippsland Water treats waste materials.

The tour was also attended by three Environment Protection Authority Victoria representatives from Traralgon and Melbourne and was facilitated by Gippsland Water’s SORF senior process engineer Mark Samblebe.

The group of four were all interested in the operation of the facility, which receives a range of waste products from around the state and turns it into compost.

The sophisticated level of science and technology behind recycling waste material was of interest to the EPA visitors who made particular mention of how the facility focused on creating best biological ‘recipes’ for transforming waste into compost.

Miss Peng, who is visiting Victoria as part of a memorandum of understanding between EPA Victoria and the Hunan Province Environmental Protection Bureau, commented on the benefits of being able to see first hand the technologies used here in Australia.

“I look forward to sharing my learnings with my colleagues upon my return,” she said.

Gippsland Water managing director David Mawer said the facility was a stand-out environmental facility and contributed to environmental sustainability in the region.

“The SORF facility at Dutson Downs is a growing environmental operation and we are thrilled that EPA Victoria has chosen this site for a senior international environmental director to visit,” he said.