Briag students prepare for HPV challenge

BRIAGOLONG Primary School is preparing for the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge in November.

A dedicated group of year five and six students are building a human powered vehicle to compete in various challenges, which will be held in Maryborough.

The project is supported by the local community and businesses.

Students are undertaking fitness sessions and vehicle training at lunch times and after school to prepare themselves for the rigorous three day event, which includes a 14-hour riding trial.

The design and construction of the vehicle, named the Cheetah, is a major highlight.

Briagolong Primary School teacher Tony Armstrong said it was an exciting real world challenge that brought life to science, technology and environmental education.

“The learning from the project is truly amazing.

“From communicating with local businesses, changing tyres, construction of the vehicle, the importance of healthy lifestyles, … the list goes on,” he said.

“We wish all the students the very best with this amazing project.”

Photo: Briagolong Primary School students with their human powered vehicle. Photo: Contributed