Crossley back on council?

COWWARR resident and former City of Sale councillor Carolyn Crossley has announced her intention to nominate as a candidate for the Wellington Shire Council elections.

“I believe local government is the most important level of government as it is focused on the place we’ve all chosen to live, work and call home,” she said.

“Wellington Shire has been my home for 30 years; it is the place I chose to rear my children and forge my own career.

“I have a community-centred background.

“I trained as a registered nurse in Melbourne and worked in the UK, Adelaide and locally.

“I managed my husband’s engineering consultancy business until an offshore accident caused his death in 1986, leaving me widowed with two small children,” Ms Crossley said.

“I have always met a challenge head on and it was only three years later at the age of 33 that I ran successfully for council in the City of Sale, serving as deputy mayor and on many regional and state committees.”

In 1992 Ms Crossley relocated to Cowwarr with the family and created the Cowwarr Art Space, where she said she discovered her true talent to facilitate, motivate and make things happen.

“Whether it is for the arts community, our local CFA fundraiser the Cowwarr Cutters Cup, or the Heyfield and District Community Bank board that ploughs its profits back into supporting the local community.

” I have also been a representative on various state level panels and forums for community and regional arts,” she said.

“It is this drive and passion that I can bring to the council chamber,” she said.

“The people I talk to want to see the council reflecting their concerns and focusing on their priorities.

“They want their council to demand a better deal and to raise their concerns with all levels of government.

“Where is the loud voice of concern regarding the strangling of our TAFE system, our sub-standard public transport, the lack of clarity regarding fire refuges and the priorities for land use?

“The council has been very quiet.

“Let us work collaboratively to meet our future challenges and make Wellington a better place to live and work by listening to all our diverse communities, from the rural and agricultural areas to the coast, from the small towns with their unique identities to our region’s centre, the city of Sale.”