Church’s trouble from above

ST Mary’s Catholic Church in Yarram was, last Friday cordoned off, because of a building consultant’s report that stated it- couldn’t verify the building’s structural integrity.

St Mary’s administrator Father Peter Kooloos said that slate tiles falling from the church’s roof put parishioners at risk of serious injury.

He said that the professional building consultants who conducted the report didn’t look at the church’s support beams, refusing to go between the roof and the church’s ducted ceiling.

Father Kooloos said that while he trusted in the building’s structural soundness, he had a duty of care to act while it was still under question.

He said that, at a meeting in Warragul on Friday, the Bishop appointed the finance committee to look for long term solutions.

St Mary’s services will be conducted from Mary Mackillop Hall at St Mary’s school,Yarram, until further notice.

“By law we need to provide a safe environment for our parishioners,” Father Kooloos said.

The church was built in 1915 and substantially extended in 1963.