Party explodes into violence

AN 18th birthday party exploded into a brawl on Saturday night as police were called to the private residence in Dudley St, Yarram, to shut down the party.

When police arrived about 11.30pm they were approached by two youths who had been assaulted and they subsequently received medical treatment by paramedics.

Police said a second brawl then broke out at the party, with a young male being knocked unconscious, and more police from Sale, Rosedale and Foster were called to assist.

Several people were assaulted during the violence, with at least three needing medical attention.

One man was taken to Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon with a cut lip and broken teeth after a bottle was broken on his face.

Another man had a suspected broken nose and the unconscious man was also taken to hospital.

A police officer also sustained injuries, receiving cuts to his hand as he attempted to push people back.

Two of the primary offenders are known to police.

One of them was restrained and handcuffed at the scene when he began acting aggressively toward paramedics.

Police cited too much alcohol as the reason for the violence.

The assaults and offences, including supplying underage children with alcohol, will be investigated.

Police have reminded people it is an offence to provide a minor with alcohol.

They said offenders could be issued with infringement notices for supplying liquor to minors in a residence without consent of a parent, guardian or spouse.

The penalty is an $845 fine.

Police said a number of police resources were used to attend this incident, adding they were disappointed with the behaviour of some of those at the party.

They warned anti-social, aggressive and drunken behaviour would not be tolerated by the community or the police and there would be consequences for offenders.

Police also sought the support of the greater community of Yarram and urged anyone considering holding a party to liaise with local police to ensure issues could be discussed to ensure safety for guests.

People with information about the assaults should phone Yarram Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.