Support for new gallery

THE 2012 John Leslie Arts Prizes winners were announced by Deputy Premier Peter Ryan, who presented the artists with their prizes.

“It is for Trish and myself . . . a thorough delight to be here this evening,” Mr Ryan said.

While not committing the government to immediate financial involvement, Mr Ryan hinted at support for a new galley in sale.

“This uplifting occasion is a real pleasure,” he said.

“This gallery here has served us admirably for a number of years but I must say I think its time we did something else.

“I think its time the shire, together with the government, do something which will better reflect the important stature this gallery has in regional Victoria,” Mr Ryan said.

“There are works we can’t display simply because we don’t have the room and so we as a government would love to participate with the Wellington Shire, when circumstances permit, to enable us to build a facility that will be appropriate for our contemporary needs and for the future.”