Candidate statement – Patrick McIvor

AS the youngest candidate to contest a Wellington Shire Council election, I believe my perspective can complement the experience and knowledge of other councillors.

The qualities I can bring are fresh ideas, energy, passion and a vision to move Wellington forward.

If there is anyone driven to work hard for Wellington’s future, it’s the next generation inheriting that future.

If elected my priorities would be jobs, education, tourism, engaging young people in local leadership and better financial management to keep rates low.

I believe council should offer every avenue of support to our major employers to grow industry, diversify business and create new job opportunities.

I will focus on supporting the relocation of Advance TAFE and the establishment of an education hub in the centre of Sale to attract more university and tertiary courses, giving our young people an alternative to moving to the city.

An area I believe deserves more attention is our local tourism industry.

I would advocate for more grass roots support for our local tourism operators, recognising that their success is our region’s success.

Lastly, I would urge council to consider a ‘no new borrowings’ policy.

Adopted in an increasing number of councils across Australia, this policy would give council a chance to reign in debt, grow our cash reserves and stop the dependence on loans to fund major projects.

This, along with finding cost savings in the budget, will put downward pressure on rates and ensure that council is spending within its means.