Candidate statement – Scott Rossetti

FIRSTLY, thank you to the people of Wellington Shire for giving me the opportunity to work on the Wellington Shire Council over the past four years.

While I had a quite diverse background before I came onto council, my skills have been enhanced by my experiences as a councillor in the last four years.

The experience has certainly helped me realise how much people in our community have to offer, if our representatives take the time to listen.

In my current role as a funeral director, I listen and act to meet people’s needs and hopefully I have been able to take that through to my council work.

I believe my broad knowledge of business and issues has helped me serve the ratepayers of Wellington well and terms as mayor and deputy mayor have increased my knowledge of local government and will further assist my work if elected for another four years.

Working with other councils on common goals has been one of the highlights of my term, along with trips to Melbourne, Canberra and across Victoria lobbying for issues important to our region such as the RAAF expansion (10,000 postcard campaign), carbon pricing and climate change adaption.

As well as my continuing involvement in business and various community groups, I have joined the board of Advance TAFE, which provides me with further knowledge on the education sector.

All of these experiences and skills help me understand the complexities of our large and diverse shire, and serve its ratepayers.