Candidate statement – Bob Wenger

THE Local Government Charter in part states that the primary objective of council is to endeavour to achieve the best outcomes for the local community and improve the quality of life.

Having served as a councillor from 2005 to 2008 I am well aware of the needs of the local communities.

We need to provide affordable and accessible services for the elderly, youth, health, infrastructure, local roads, public transport and support our valued rural sector and commercial industries.

The southern side of Wellington Shire between Port Albert and Loch Sport is bordered by the Tasman Sea and Bass Strait.

Many believe our shire has cast coastal communities adrift; they have been abandoned.

The weight of continued planning amendments and overlays, some taking more than a decade and still not resolved, has created untold anxiety and uncertainty for landholders and current residents and is driving away potential investors.

People should not have to wait for 10 years for a building permit.

The flow-on effect from indecision affects the whole shire.

Our coast should mirror other popular coastal areas in encouraging stable, secure growth, but it doesn’t.

Generating security and stability along our coastline and towns by quickly addressing the current building level inconsistencies along the coast, will encourage more investment and provide much needed growth.

Our new council has to be creative, have new ideas and a fresh and balanced approach to encourage new businesses and help drive the RAAF and TAFE expansions.

I am committed to the long term future of our area.

Support me for a better Wellington Shire.