Ballot papers reaching voters this week

VOTERS in Wellington Shire will start to receive their ballot material this week, ahead of this month’s local council election.

The returning officer for the Wellington Shire Council election, Julie Duffy, is encouraging people to vote as early as possible.

Ballot papers must reach the election office by 6pm on Friday, October 26 or they cannot be counted.

Voting is compulsory for all voters of Wellington Shire who were on the State electoral roll on Friday, August 31, 2012.

Voters who are aged 70 years or older and non-resident voters are encouraged to vote but will not be fined if they do not vote.

Voters who have not received their ballot pack by Wednesday, October 17 should phone the election office on 5152 5526 immediately for a replacement pack.

More information about the Wellington Shire Council election is available online at www.

Wellington Shire Council is an unsubdivided municipality with a total of nine councillors.

Candidates who have nominated to stand for election are listed online at and will be included in the ballot material to be sent to voters.

The Victorian Electoral Commission is conducting the election on behalf of Wellington Shire Council.