Coal seam gas raised as an election issue

COUNCIL election candidates have been urged to state their position on coal seam gas and related onshore gas developments in Wellington Shire.

Wellington Awareness Group has sent a questionnaire to all 14 candidates, asking them to respond before today, October 11.

WAG spokesperson Tracey Anton said residents needed this information before casting their votes.

“If we are to see Queensland style coal and gas developments across our green and pleasant Gippsland, we need to know how our incoming council will respond,” she said.

The proponents have been busy briefing the current council, as well as State Government authorities. Most such briefings, according to WAG, have occurred behind closed doors with the group believing greater transparency was essential.

WAG is asking candidates to get behind greater disclosure of contents of briefings, and publication of documents regarding issues such as: how to fund repair of roads damaged by miners’ heavy machinery, or concerning water management, flood mitigation and liquid waste disposal problems, arising from mining operations.

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