Failure to display P-plates

TWO men in their 20s were charged with driving offences on Saturday night after failing to display P-plates.

One of the men was also penalised for driving a manual vehicle on an automatic restricted licence.

MOTORISTS doubling back towards on-coming traffic when entering service stations from intersections in Rosedale may no longer be able to take such illegal shortcuts, with police set to crackdown on what they say has become a disturbing trend.

MAFFRA police are investigating a burglary at a Newry sports club.

They believe items were stolen from the club during the four week leave period after the finals season.

TWO arc welders were stolen from an industrial site in Rosedale, when thieves forced entry to the property at the weekend.

Police are asking anyone with information about the thefts to phone Rosedale police on 5199 2222.