Bushfire heading towards Perry Bridge

THERE is a medium, fast moving bushfire in the Perry Bridge area, east of Stratford.

The fire at Turners Rd is travelling in a south-easterly direction towards grassland.

The CFA said the fire was expected to impact Perry Bridge anytime before 5pm.

This bushfire out of control. Because of uncertain wind conditions, the fire has the ability to change direction at any time.

What to do:

– A fire is in the area, it may be close to you; follow your bushfire survival plan.

– If you plan to leave or do not have a survival plan, leave now.

– Turn on your vehicle headlights and drive slowly; smoke will make it difficult to see.

– Conditions are changing, homes can offer safety.

– If you are away from home;  do not return.

– If time permits, check your neighbours to see if they are monitoring conditions.

– If you are experiencing any symptoms that may be due to smoke exposure, the Department of Health advises people to seek medical advice or call Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.

For general bushfire information, phone the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667 or visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au

For life or property threatening emergencies phone 000.