Kerfuffle at McLoughlin’s Beach

TWO Latrobe Valley men in their late 20s caused a kerfuffle at the weekend when their boat flipped at McLoughlin’s Beach Sunday morning when they attempted to drive out through the heads.

With a lost motor and damaged windshield, they left the boat resting on a sandbar and hitched a ride back into town, neglecting to inform the authorities of the incident.

Upon seeing the abandoned boat, the Port Albert Coast Guard, Port Albert Search and Rescue teams, Woodside Surf-Lifesaving and Rescue teams, the water police and Yarram police were called to co-ordinate a search effort.

The men were later located, safe and well at home.

Police want to issue a reminder for people to report such incidents before emergency and volunteer crews are called, as unreported safe incidents run the risk of taking time and personnel away from those genuinely in need.