Burglary figures high

SALE was number seven on the list of most burgled towns in 2011-12, with nearby Longford and surrounding areas featuring in eighth spot according to RACV’s analysis of the Victorian crime statistics list.

Sale, including Wurruk, recorded one burglary for every 43 homes, while Longford and surrounding areas had one in every 46 homes burgled.

The list was headed by the adjoining Geelong suburbs of Corio and Norlane, with one in every 37 homes burgled.

RACV general manager home services Peter Brindley said burglaries in regional Victoria increased seven per cent in the past year, with an average of one in 86 homes burgled.

“Overall, burglaries were the highest in five years with the increase most pronounced in regional Victoria, which experienced a 14 per cent jump over the five year period,” he said.

Mr Brindley warned that while all Victorians need to be aware of the risk, those living in areas targeted by thieves should be alert to their heightened risk.

“Only 15 per cent of burglaries are cleared with most remaining unsolved,” he said.

“Residents can minimise the risk of their properties being burgled.”

Prevention is the key to avoiding the financial cost and emotional trauma of invasion of your home and your personal space.”

Mr Brindley said while connecting professional security monitoring to a home alarm was an effective deterrent to thieves, residents should also follow follow some basic rules such as ensuring doors and windows were locked, even for quick shopping trips, and cancelling paper and mail deliveries while on holidays.

“Remember that burglars go online too, and trawl through social networking sites to source information to help them identify targets,” he said.

“Details of addresses, daily routines, holiday plans and recent purchases all can be used by a keen thief to plan a burglary.”

Mr Brindley said with the busy festive season and holiday period approaching, thieves became more active.