Once in a lifetime chance

WHETHER you are superstitious or not there is something inherently romantic about the date 12.12.12.

It marks the last time the day, month and year will appear as a sequence of the same number in our lifetime, with January 1, 2101, the next to occur, 89 years away.

Many couples this week cashed in on the last in a lifetime opportunity and married.

Among them were Maffra’s Christopher Ryan and Hayley Rix, who tied the knot at the Sale Court House at about 12 minutes past 12 Wednesday afternoon, after becoming engaged on Valentine’s Day.

While the ceremony was set for 12 noon a hitch with Hayley’s dress pushed the event back, adding another 12 to the occasion.

It was a touching ceremony with the couple’s three children, four-year-old Oliver, two-and-a-half-year-old Matilda and 19-month-old Madisyn leading the way into the courtroom ahead of a pregnant and glowing Hayley on her father Noel Rix’s arm.

The colour theme for the afternoon was purple and lilac, offsetting the men’s black and grey suits and Hayley and her daughters’ white dresses.

It was a short and sweet service with the couple reciting their own vows before a few family and friends, with Hayley’s mother, Claire Kilinger, watching via Skype from Queensland.

“It was love at first sight,” said the couple who met through their parents, with Hayley’s father Noel and Christopher’s mother Sandra Felkel now in-laws as well as firm friends.

Hayley said, in her vows, she not only regarded Christopher as her soul mate but as her best friend.

After the ceremony the newlyweds headed to Seaspray for the afternoon, dipping their toes in the water and soaking up the summer sun, with plans to save their official honeymoon for their first anniversary, after their birth of their fourth child.