Residents turn against each other

RESIDENTS of disabled and frail aged units in Maffra are turning against one of their own after a dog attack has left a beloved pet fighting for its life.

One outraged resident said one of the residents was constantly bringing violent dogs into the vicinity, often only keeping them for a week.

“He’s a menace,” the man said.

He said the man showed little feeling for his pets, having previously kept a Ridgeback-Staffy cross for little over a week before getting rid of it.

The furious resident said dogs like that had no place in residential care units where there were disabled, sick and elderly people.

His outrage was inflamed by an incident on Friday, December 28, when a resident’s Rottweiler attacked the dog of an 82-year-old stroke victim living in the Queen St complex.

The furious resident said the unrestrained dog entered the man’s unit before setting upon the other animal, knocking the elderly gent off his chair in the process.

He said the man liked to sit by his open front door watching what was happening around him, as, because of his stroke, he could do little else.

The man said his neighbour could barely talk as a result of the stroke and the dog was his greatest company.

He said it was disheartening for their small community to see him without it.

The injured dog is currently undergoing treatment by a veterinarian.

The man said his neighbour was facing a $2000 vet bill.

The Rottweiler involved in the attack was voluntarily surrendered to council by its owner and has been destroyed.

Council representatives said the dog’s owner was made aware the dog would be destroyed once surrendered, but did so anyway.

According to the outraged resident, the man had only had the Rottweiler a day.