Rubbish dumped in Golden Beach

PILES of rubbish dumped in and around Golden Beach have been posing a potential health hazard to residents while Wellington Shire Council decides how to deal with the problem.

With Golden Beach residents and visitors expected to travel a round trip of about 50km to the Loch Sport transfer station, illegal dumping of waste has become a problem in the coastal town, both at campsites and now in the town centre.

Council crews were forced to make a collection in the town yesterday, with a large pile of waste dumped in the car park in the town centre, ironically below a council illegal waste dumping sign.

Peter Stark, who has recently moved to Golden Beach, said the waste dumped in the centre of town was a health hazard.

“If you brought in a 10 metre tipper (to remove the waste) it would overflow,” he said.

“The main street looks like a tip.

“If I (was a visitor) and drove into town, I would drive away in disgust.”

A Wellington Shire spokesperson said with illegal dumping of waste an ongoing issue at Golden Beach, council would go back to the drawing board in coming months to consider how this problem might be resolved in a cost effective way.

“Temporary large skip bins are often suggested as the easiest way to deal with holiday rubbish, but unfortunately they usually encourage the ‘free’ dumping of other wastes such as building materials , old furniture, tyres and scrap metal,” the spokesperson said.

“Once again the holiday period has brought a great number of visitors to our coastal towns, in particular Golden Beach and its adjacent camping facilities.

“This year has brought with it the return of excess dumped waste at Golden Beach.

“The issue is certainly not new and council continues to work closely with the Golden Beach community in making efforts to resolve this issue.

“Despite our best intentions, Golden Beach once again has great piles of litter left behind by holiday home residents and campers.”

The spokesperson said while the peak summer season was beneficial in regards to tourism dollars, it was not always so good for the environment or amenity of Wellington Shire.

“Litter and dumping of household waste in public bins is unsightly and can harm people and wildlife,” the spokesperson said.

“It is costly to council and Parks Victoria to clean up roadsides and public areas.

“Please, if you are camping, staying in a holiday home or just out on a day trip, do the right thing and dispose of your litter responsibly.

“Remember, if you are caught dumping waste, you will face hefty fines.”