Dog loses leg after Rottweiler attack

AS a result of injuries sustained in a Rottweiler attack Friday, December 28, a beloved dog has had one of its legs amputated.

The dog, belonging to an 82-year-old stroke victim, was attacked by a Rottweiler in the front room of her master’s unit, after the attacking dog wandered in.

The dog was readmitted to veterinarians for surgery last Thursday, after it had returned home.

Its leg was removed at the weekend.

While the animal recovered at the clinic this week, one of its owner’s sons said his father was distressed.

He said his father was crying at the absence of the much-loved pet which he used to take for walks, or ‘shuffles’ around Maffra on his motorized scooter.

In hindsight, the son said, it might have been kinder to put the nine-year-old dog down.

The Rottweiler responsible was voluntarily surrendered to council by its owner of a week and has since been destroyed.