Protect water supply from ash and debris

WELLINGTON Shire Council is urging residents in all areas experiencing falling ash and fire debris to protect their private water sources from contamination.

Contaminated water poses a health risk, it is important to take steps now which will prevent water becoming contaminated.

Residents have been asked to make sure their water tank was properly sealed. Anyone experiencing falling ash and debris in the area should disconnect the downpipes to tanks and do not reconnect until the roof is cleaned. 

Wait until it is safe to do so after the bushfire event to clean your roof manually, or wait for a good downpour of rain washes all the ash and debris away. Only then should downpipes be reconnected.

If water from the tank changes colour, taste or smell, do not use it for drinking, food preparation or give it to animals. Water unsuitable for drinking can still used on the garden.

Tank water should be disinfected before using it again.

Water drawn from bores and deep wells should continue to be safe to use.

For more information about protecting tanks and cleaning contaminated tanks is available on the Wellington Shire Council website,, or phone its customer service centre on 1300 366 244.