Lake Glenmaggie exclusion zones

TRANSPORT Safety Victoria has put exclusion zones in place on Lake Glenmaggie to ensure helicopters sourcing water for the firefighting effort can do so safety.

The urgent action comes after issues with some recreational users of the lake following helicopters in their boats and jet skis.

There are up to five helicopters operating in the area, so it is important they have clear and unrestricted access to the water to be able to fill and be on their way quickly.

Boat and jet ski interference poses a huge risk to not only the pilots, but those on the water as well.

The exclusion zones include:

– The bay west of a line between Glenmaggie Point and Glenmaggie Cemetery, up to the Licola Rd bridge

– The area north of the Macalister River mouth at the five knot buoys

– 500 meters out from the weir wall (as opposed to the normal area of 200 meters out)

Southern Rural Water, which manages the lake, will place buoys along the exclusion zones in partnership with the Lake Glenmaggie Boat Club.

A number of agencies, including Victorian Water Police, will monitor the zones.

The exclusion starts Thursday, January 24 and will operate over the next three weeks on any day when helicopters need to access the lake.