Conditions help fire fight

FIRE managers are using the milder conditions to build and actively consolidate control lines and continue to blacken out any hot spots.

There may still be smoke throughout the area from Donnelly Creek, south of Aberfeldy, to the area north-west of Heyfield.

This bushfire is being controlled.

Numbers of crew on the line has declined with the decreased fire activity. If the fire activity increases again further crews will be deployed.

Authorities are moving toward supporting the community in the recovery from the fires including rehabilitation of any works done to contain the fire.

Tourists are able to access most areas except north of the Thomson Dam. Towns including Licola and Walhalla are open for business.

Motorists are advised to drive to the conditions and slow down in smoky areas. There are fire vehicles moving around and motorists are urged be on the look out for them.

Some roads may still be under restricted access. Check the VicRoads website,, for more information.

People who see smoke haze should check the CFA website or call VBIL on 1800 240 667 for warnings in their area.

People who see flames and/or solid columns of smoke should phone 000.