Boaters need to be vigilant as water levels drop

VISITORS to Lake Glenmaggie should be vigilant as water levels drop, Southern Rural Water is warning.

Lake water levels have dropped because of strong demand for water from irrigators.

As at February 6, the lake was down to 50 per cent.

Southern Rural Water water supply east manager Terry Clapham said this was relatively normal for Glenmaggie, as it regularly filled and emptied each year, but it meant boaters needed to be on the lookout for hazards.

He said water levels were dropping quickly and restrictions to boating areas kicked in when the lake reached 44 per cent.

“Due to the lack of rainfall, there is a heavy demand on Lake Glenmaggie to supply irrigation water to local farms,” he said.

“With little rain forecast, this is likely to continue for some time.

“This means that visitors will need to be on the lookout for hazards.

“Lower water levels may increase dangers such as tree stumps or other debris.

“We would really encourage visitors to the lake to keep an eye out for danger, and never to swim alone.

“Our storage operators will attend to any issues that they see, but please don’t hesitate to report any problems that you observe.”

Mr Clapham encouraged visitors to check the Southern Rural Water website to find out if any restrictions were in place.

“We recommend that anyone who is intending to visit any of our storages checks the website, just in case of any access changes, restrictions or for blue-green algae warnings,” Mr Clapham said.

“We also have maps on the website which indicate where boating can take place according to the rules in place.”