Fire out of control south of Licola

´╗┐Update 1pm 7/2/13

THE Department of Sustainability and Environment advise that fire activity in the area from Donnelly Creek, south of Aberfeldy, to areas north and north-west of Heyfield is out of control.

There is a large, fast moving bushfire in the Glenfalloch, Wollangarra areas, 10 kilometres south of Licola. Moving in an easterly firection, the fire is expected to impact Glenfalloch and Wollangarra anytime within the next two hours.

The Aberfeldy-Donnelly bushfire is about 75,000 hectares in size, currently creating spotfires.

Fire is spotting 5km ahead and is likely to cross the Macalister River west of the Licola Rd, south of Glenfalloch.

Dozers are constructing control lines to the west of Glenfalloch Station with more DSE machinery is on the way.

Heyfield-Licola Rd is cloased at the intersection with Glenmaggie Point Rd.

Fire activity has increased in the Black Range sector, generating large amounts of smoke.

The fire is being aggressively attacked by water-bombing aircraft, but has spotted over control lines on the northen edge towards the Crook Creek and Green Hills area.

Fire activity in the Kellys Lane area, north of Coongulla is quiet and crews will continue to monitor that area. Smoke is visible across a wide area.

With a fire the area, it may be close to residents, who have been urged to follow their bushfire survival plan. Those without a survival plan, are to leave now.

With smoke making it difficult to see, people have been urged to drive slowly and turn their vehicle headlights on.

Conditions are changing, homes can offer safety, but people away from their homes in the area are not to return at the moment.

People experiencing any symptoms which may be due to smoke exposure have been advised to seek medical advice or phone Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.

For life threatening situations phone 000.

For general bushfire information phone the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on freecall 1800 240 667 or visit