Flaring no issue: Esso

FLARING and black plumes of smoke which appeared from Esso’s Longford plant on Tuesday were no cause for concern, an Esso spokesperson said.

She said the flaring and smoke was the result of a low pressure flare turbine tripping offline.

“Normal operations resumed soon after and the relevant authorities were notified but not required to attend,” she said.

Additional flaring and some associated smoke had also been visible during late January due to Esso’s summer maintenance program.

“Flaring is an important safety mechanism that burns excess gas on site during operational interruption, preventing its release to the atmosphere,” she said.

“There is not expected to be any impact on the supply of natural gas from our Longford facilities as a result of this maintenance.”

Esso said it had informed neighbours, the CFA, Victoria Police and Wellington Shire Council of the maintenance and testing procedures.