Community protection works for Gippsland fires

AS part of the overall fire fighting efforts across Gippsland, DSE and CFA are working to establish fire control lines for the protection of communities adjoining public land that may be affected by the Aberfeldy- Donnelly’s and Harrietville Alpine South fires.

Firefighters are working with a fleet of heavy machinery including bulldozers and graders preparing control lines that could be utilised if required. Dependent on weather conditions and subsequent fire behaviour the fires may not reach these areas.

A series of roads and tracks will be prepared to control line standards starting at Ramrod Creek and the Great Alpine Rd from Bruthen in the east and extending along inter-connecting tracks and roads. The containment line will move through local communities of Wiseleigh, Sarsfield, Clifton Creek, Bullumwaal, Mount Taylor, Flaggy Creek, Lindenow, Glenaladale and Iguana Creek to link up to Dargo Rd.

Preparing the community and understanding the existing fire situation plays a vital role in the fire fighting effort.

Regional controller Grange Jephcott said it was important to make the community was prepared and protected.

“We are working to build these strategic control lines, preparing for a worst case scenario which may not eventuate,” he said.

“Working with the community and ensuring that land owners know how to prepare their property is a key part of our overall fire fighting efforts.”   

The community is advised that there will be heavy machinery and equipment working in the areas described above and to take care when driving in these areas.

The community is reminded to stay informed and monitor conditions via these messages, local media, the Victorian Bushfire Information Line and other information sources available to their local area.

Bushfire survival planning assistance is available by contacting the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667, attending a community meeting or visiting the CFA website,