Blue green algae at Clydebank

SOUTHERN Rural Water has warned blue green algae is blooming in a drain at Clydebank, near Lake Wellington.

Southern Rural Water has advised anyone who takes water from the Lake Wellington No 1 drain, in the vicinity of Frawley and Mawley Rds, to avoid contact with the water. Regardless of BGA status, Southern Rural Water does not recommend using drainage diversions for stock water supply.

The general public is also advised not to swim, fish or come into contact with the water. Warning signs are being erected where roads cross the drain.

Southern Rural Water will monitor the situation and will remove the warning when the water is considered safe. Blue green algae blooms can come and go quickly and as such people are encouraged to take care and not contact the water if they believe BGA is present.

Blue green algae may be invisible to the naked eye or may form a scum.

People who come into direct contact with contaminated water should wash immediately in fresh water. If people experience a health issue they think is related to contact with water contaminated by BGA, they are advised to medical advice promptly.