Council jumps fence on policy

WELLINGTON Shire Council will contribute to the cost of fencing between land it owns and private property after amending its policy.

After a review of its fencing policy, council voted to adopt an amendment last week.

The amendment would require council to increase its budget allocation of $175,000 during the next 10 years.

Under the amended policy, council will contribute to the shared costs of fencing on boundaries of council-owned or controlled land, such as depots, pre-schools, reserves set aside for unrestricted public use and sporting areas.

The shared cost will be 50 per cent of the cheapest fencing quote for a standard fence.

Council will not contribute to the cost of fencing on boundaries which include right of ways, roadways or pedestrian access ways.

It will also not contribute to the construction of gates opening onto council-owned or controlled land from private land.

The amended policy does not cover new subdivisions.

Developers would bear the cost of fencing around parkland in a subdivision.

The change came after two previous attempts to review the policy.

The matter was first raised in August by the previous council, but was delayed until the councillors had been briefed on the implications of such a policy change.

Council returned to the issue in September, but the motion for a review was defeated, largely because the mover and seconder of the original motion, Darren McCubbin and Beth Ripper, were absent from the meeting.

In December, Cr McCubbin again moved for a review, with members of the new council voting in favour.