Bishop welcomes new Pope

CATHOLIC Bishop of Sale Christopher Prowse has described newly-elected Pope Francis as having a ‘humble and unifying personality’.

Jorge Bergoglio was last week elected Pope, replacing Benedict XVI, who became the first Pope in almost 600 years, and taking on the papal name Francis.

Bishop Prowse said the election was wonderful news for Catholic.

“Pope Francis has called everyone to pray for him. I invite all in Gippsland to accept his invitation and pray for our new Argentinian-born Pope,” he said.

“In his opening words this morning he said: ‘And now let us begin this journey- a journey of love and mutual trust’.

“May his humble and unifying personality be a source of fresh beginnings for all in the Catholic Church. May his closeness to Jesus in the poor and marginalized be a good example for us all in the years ahead.”

Pope Francis is the first non-European or Mediterranean Pope, the first from Latin America, the first Jesuit, and the first who has taken the name Francis.